Our understanding of quality is one of the reasons we are successful


The 8 competences of Edox

Assembled by master watch makers, engineered for champions: for more than 130 years, Edox watches have combined ultimate precision with ingenious solutions – even for the most demanding activities: be it above or below the water surface, in the eternal ice or even on glowing desert sand, any timing instrument from Edox carrying the legendary hourglass logo will meet even the highest demands of its owner. One of the reasons and at the same time one of Edox strength lies in the construction and build quality of our watch cases: from additional case-backs,

ultra-complex cases to patented crown seals and guards, Edox has truly mastered the art of bringing together function and design. Or in other words: engineering a watch case consisting of up to 20 single components is probably the best proof of how serious we are when it comes to accomplishing perfection in every detail. Which means that as an owner of an Edox you will ultimately benefit from more robustness, quality and increased comfort.

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Excellent movements

 We believe in proven movements from the most reputable specialists. Because we want to make absolutely sure that you can rely on your watch every single second of a day – for years to come.
In short:

  • Proven calibres from leading movement suppliers
  • Increased reliability and access to spare parts
  • Excellent quality and longevity
  • Swiss origin

Ultimate precision

When it comes to precision we are convinced that being as strict and meticulous as possible is well worth it. Because you will appreciate the quality and attention to detail:

  • All hands are designed and made in Switzerland and produced exclusively made-to-measure
  • The manufacturing tolerance is 1/100 millimetre
  • No standard components are used

Handmade masterpieces

Every single part of an Edox watch is made to exact specifications with the lowest possible fabrication tolerances. Nevertheless: Assembly and regulation are still done by hand by skilled watchmakers.

  • One watchmaker is responsible for the whole watch  during   assembly and regulation
  • Production and quality control are strictly separated
  • Continuing training and education of our staff
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and tools

Made for champions

Edox is proud to be chosen as official timekeeper of various competitions and races around the globe. And as a result of this, many athletes and explorers are relying on the quality of their Edox watches as well:

  • Long tradition as official timekeeper in automobile racing
  • Expert for diving and sailing
  • Proven quality even in the most harsh conditions