Advantages of a water resistant Edox watch



Due to their high physical pressure resistance, exceptionally water-resistant Edox watches must be designed and manufactured to be more resistant than a conventional watch. The stainless steel, carbon or titanium cases are stronger, the glasses are thicker, the watch backs are fully screwed and the Edox crowns have a double crown seal.

Water resistant Edox watches have several features to make them function adequately in resisting water, such as gaskets usually made of Teflon, rubber, or nylon. These materials form watertight seals at the joints where the crystal, crown, and the case back meet the watch case; if you need to get a watch that can last long and serve you, get a waterproof watch. The benefits of having a waterproof watch far outweigh those of having a regular watch.


The advantage of a water resistant construction is also impressive for non-divers. The filigree movement is thus better protected from external influences such as shocks, dust, moisture and, of course, water. The life span of a watch is significantly increased and the susceptibility is considerably reduced. Owning an extremely water-resistant Edox watch is therefore a wise decision for sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike.

Water-resistant Edox watches are built to last for generations. For example, many legendary Edox Delfin watches, which were purchased from the 1960s onwards, still perform well today.

Here below you will find some features which made an Edox diving watch more robust and resistant than a normal watch.



A perfect seal system

The screw-down Edox crowns of the Edox Neptunian, CO-1, Delfin and Grand Ocean collections are threaded and are screwed to the case with a matching threaded tube. The crown now sits perfectly on the case and is secured.  These Edox crowns also feature a double O-ring, a patented Edox invention from 1961. These special crowns have two seals that are pressed together and seal even the smallest openings when the crown is tightened – ensuring water resistance. A screw-down Edox crown is an essential feature for any Edox watch you plan to swim and dive with.


Also known as “gaskets”, O’rings are made of rubber and nylon which form watertight seals at the joints where the crystal, case back and crown meet the watch case. If the Edox watch is a chronograph, the chronograph pushers will also have gaskets. Highly water-resistant Edox watches (300 meters and more) always feature double O’ring gaskets an Edox invention from 1961.


A movement protection

Edox uses for its highly water-resistant high performance watches screw-in case backs. These ultra strong case backs are threaded and screwed into the actual case. This creates a double seal, using both the threading and the gasket as a seal. Edox diving watches with water resistant ratings greater than 200m/660ft will have this type of case back.


No pressure allowed in the case

The Helium Escape/Relief Valve is used only in extreme deep diving expeditions when a diver operates from a diving bell. As the bell is lowered pressure begins to increases and helium is added to the breathing mix. The helium is added to remove toxic air created by the extreme depth.


Helium is one of the smallest molecules and will seep into the watch through the seals until the air pressure in the watch equals the air pressure in the diving bell. As the diving bell surfaces and decompresses, the helium needs to escape from the watch at the same speed as the decompression – otherwise the pressure in the watch will pop the crystal off. To avoid that, Edox developed the automatic helium escape valve which allows the helium to escape faster than it seeps in. The automatic Edox Helium Escape valve can be find in the following collections: C0-1 and Neptunian.


A light in the dark

This technology, branded under the name of Super-Luminova, offers brightness in low-light conditions, thanks to a non radioactive and non-toxic material like the tritium previousely employed in the industry.


The Swiss Made Super-LumiNova Grade X1 shows a performance increase of up to 60% after two hours compared to the standard grade.


Edox uses Super-Luminova Grade X1 for its highly functional attributes. It is applied on watch parts such as hands, numerals, bezel, indices, etc.

Water Resistance is not only about diving into the depths, it’s mainly about robustness and reliability.