140 years of history



In the vibrant watchmaking hub of Biel/Bienne, a city renowned for brilliant watch engineers, we find ourselves transported to the year 1884. Christian Ruefli-Flury, a dedicated watchmaker, passionately labors in a workshop saturated with the distinct aroma of metal. In this era defined by precision and “savoir-faire”,Christian Ruefli-Flury crafts a cherished piece for his beloved Pauline.


With an artful blend of gears, love, and accuracy, a pocket watch emerges, surpassing its timekeeping purpose. The revelation on Pauline’s birthday sparks radiant joy in her eyes. Captivated by beauty and sentiment, she persuades Christian to transcend the workshop, giving birth to the legacy of EDOX.


Fast forward 140 years to Les Genevez, a picturesque village surrounded by the nature of the Jura Mountains, where EDOX’s family-owned atelier embraces Switzerland’s timeless charm, standing as a testament to enduring craftmanship. As we celebrate the notable 140th anniversary, EDOX not only honors its remarkable past but also strives to be acknowledged as one of the foremost independent Swiss watch brands and a leading Swiss-made dive watch manufacturer.

Maître Horloger since 1884



Over the years, Edox has continued to perpetuate its status as a champion of water resistance and to develop its expertise by creating ever more robust and resistant watches.


Today, EDOX is known for its highly water-resistant timepieces, complex watch case constructions and traditional hand assembling. Crowned ‘The Water Champion’ in Swiss watchmaking, it symbolizes excellence beneath the waves and outstanding reliability on the wrist.