At the heart of the Swiss Jura

With a population of about 500 people, Les Genevez is already considered to be one of the medium-sized communes in the Swiss Jura.  At an altitude of 1035 meters, this picturesque village is surrounded by the Franches-Montagnes and dates back to at least 1381. Unlike its name might suggest, “Les Genevez” is not linked to emigrants from Geneva but simply derived from the Latin word for Juniper. The main activities therefore still are forestry and agriculture – and of course watchmaking which is historically linked to farming: harsh conditions and especially cold winter climate let watchmaking become a welcome supplement to farming families’ income.

This coexistence is perfectly demonstrated in the 1981 opened Jurassic farming museum in Les Genevez which also contains a small watchmaker’s atelier. Significantly bigger in comparison is Edox‘ contemporary manufacturing building. This is where the brand’s sophisticated timing instruments are being created after the Company’s relocation from Bienne to Les Genevez in the early `80s. And it is a wonderful possibility to keep such a unique combination of crafts and trades alive. So in a way It seems that time really does stand still in certain aspects.


Since 130 years, Edox imagines, produces and distributes Swiss-made and hand-assembled timepieces. The Les Genevez based company is operated with skilled Swiss watchmakers and modern equipment, respecting the tradition and the know-how of our elders.

A place where the time seems to stand still