Marianna Gillespie


A new Water Champion ambassador for Edox

An accomplished swimmer from an early age, Marianna grew up in Moscow. She fell in love with the sport of freediving during her final year of studies at the Russian State Sports University when a friend challenged her to swim 25 metres underwater – without fins. She swam 75m and hasn’t looked back in the sport since.
While most freedivers strive to master a single discipline, Marianna dominates several – in depth and the pool. The current French national record holder in multiple disciplines, Marianna has been world champion twice, ranked No. 1 in the world four times and has also won the prestigious Vertical Blue competition.
Dubbed ‘the mermaid from the East’ by the Le Parisien newspaper, Marianna is one of the world’s strongest freedivers, ranked not only in the world top 10 in multiple individual disciplines but overall as well.

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Marianna Gillespie

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