Marianna Gillespie- The first french woman to dive under 100 meters


On August 25, 2021 Marianna Gillespie made freediving history becoming the first french female diver to dive beyond 100 meters with Monofin (CWT) on one breath. Marianna is now one of the twelve female divers that were able to reach this amazing depth.

For Marianna 102 is a special number and here are her reasons:

Reason 1: She became the FIRST FRENCH female to dive beyond -100 meters on one breath.

Reason 2: If 100 club counts around 12 female divers in the World, currently there have been only 3 women who dove deeper than 102 on the competition.

Reason 3: Since the start of her freediving career, Natalia Molchanova was holding a World Record and a Russian record at 101m, that nobody could beat since 2009. Even that my dive is not an official Russian record, she doesn’t forget my roots.

Reason 4: She is proud to reach that result in the Mediterranean sea with thermocline where historically freediving competitions begun.